About Me

I’m Hanna, and welcome to The Piebrary, where I craft daily recipes for pies in various flavors and varieties.

The journey of The Piebrary began back in 2014 as a humble blog aimed at translating books into delectable pie creations. It served as a personal challenge to demonstrate that despite being Dyslexic, I could still indulge in my love for literature.

Having spent over five years in the publishing industry, primarily as a foreign literary scout, I am now immersed in crafting my novel.

Today, The Piebrary has evolved into a monthly compilation of my literary adventures intertwined with my culinary experiments. It acts as a culinary companion to my freelance work, artistic endeavors, and research, providing me with a sense of grounding and hopefully coherence amidst the chaos.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. I hope you discover something here that speaks to your palate and soul!