Juliet in the Morning Pie



A banana custard in a Reese’s puffs crust with white chocolate flakes, inspired by Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare

Nothing says, “be my Valentine” quite like poison and a knife in the heart, but if you want to woo the object of your affection with a bit more subtlety, I recommend pie.

The Wonderland Tart


Rose and white chocolate custard studded with fresh raspberries in a Nilla wafer and gingersnap combination crust, inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll


I read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland specifically for this project. For me, it belonged to that list of books that every college professor and classmate assumes you’ve read and so you must smile and nod when they talk about them, lest you look like an illiterate buffoon in front of your academic peers. (Other books on this list include, Paradise Lost, The Canterbury Tales, and most of Jane Austen’s work.) Now, having read it, I can see why it has such a fanatic following: it has a staggering amount of depth for such a slim volume.