Crust: An Introduction to the Basics




This week I’m deviating from my standard literary fare. With Thanksgiving fast approaching, it seemed high-time to fulfill the oft-repeated request for a crust tutorial.

One of the most frequent pie-related questions I get in casual conversation is, “do you make your own crust?” The answer is, resoundingly, “of course!” When I insist how easy it is to make pie crust from scratch, people grow sheepish, wave an embarrassed hand, and say something about store bought crust.

But it’s true! Pie crust is actually incredibly easy to make from scratch. At its core it is only three simple ingredients: flour, butter, and water.

However, to achieveĀ great homemade crust you need a fourth ingredient: CONFIDENCE.

Did you like that? I liked that, that was good.

With a little extra gumption and some practice, you too can leave your holiday eatership marveling at your effortless extra mile.