About the Piebrary

Hello, my name is Hanna Masaryk!

Originally from Ohio, I’m an avid reader (both personally and professionally, as a freelancer) and baker now based out of Brooklyn, New York. I’ve been learning to bake for over ten years. The Piebrary I started in 2014 as a way to combine my two passions and to incentivize me to read, create, and write on a fairly regular basis.

I parse a book until all its many pieces are laid out on the floor. An image, theme, or character might stand out to me and I try to identify a taste or sensation from the culinary world that they remind me of. Usually this will yield a couple options for a key ingredient, and I’ll build the rest of the pie around them.

My personal reading preferences tend to be speculative – science fiction, fantasy, and magical realism mostly – and this was the basis of much of my academic coursework at NYU. I also enjoy select literary fiction and nonfiction, and in particular have been making a greater effort to move away from “The Canon” and read more diverse, contemporary voices. Professionally I specialize in children’s and young adult literature, and have 5+ years of publishing industry experience.

I’m always open to recommendations! (But I charge for professional reads)


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  1. Ms. Maynard says:

    Dear Piebrarian,
    My senior English lit class are inspired and will be making a Piebrary of our own this spring. I can’t wait to share our results!

    Ms. Maynard

    1. Holy cow! That’s such a great idea! When you do please shoot me an email, I would love to see pictures. And if there’s anything I can do please let me know!

    1. DA Haley says:

      Hey Ms. Maynard! Did you ever get those pies going? We’d love to see some pictures!

  2. Ms. Maynard says:

    Yes! Here are a few. We found that my reading list was dark and rich. Lot’s of chocolate and berries. 😉 In addition, I am including one that was made for The Book Thief. ( Don’t be offended) The detail that they went to was really impressive. I’ll share a few excerpts as well for their work. Thanks for asking. We had a great time.

    1. Ms. Maynard says:

      Darn! It won’t let me load pictures.

      1. Shoot me an email, thepiebrarian@gmail.com, I would love to discuss featuring them on the blog! Perhaps on one of the weeks we don’t normally post!

  3. Camila says:

    Hey I just thought of something- if you don’t have one for the caviar one you should try taking apiary raspberries and blackberries and sticking them raw into some vanilla custard or something. Plus, taking berries apart it fun!

  4. A.M.B. says:

    “Why not extend the sensory experience of a book to taste? Specifically, the taste of pie? Imagine the understanding you’d have then! And if it didn’t bring you closer to the text, well, at least you’d have pie.”

    Very intriguing. I’m horrible baker, but I’m looking forward to exploring your recipes and the literature connected to them.

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  6. Elias Eells says:

    Saw you’re reading Amberlough! Please do a pie for it!

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