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This month’s playlist comes courtesy of my friend and music guru Dave, just in time for Jonas to take a swing at NYC. When he’s not making stellar snow day playlists Dave can be found creating extremely lifelike taxidermy scenes (my favorite is the one of the shrews in the tiny grocery store). He also enjoys mountain climbing, extreme ironing, and base jumping, in that order, all while wearing a tuxedo. Dave eats only brussels sprouts and swedish fish and collects rubber band balls. Dave said I could make up whatever I wanted for his bio.

Here’s what Dave has to say for himself:

Being among the lucky ones who celebrate their birthday in January, the beginning of the year in the dead of winter, three things usually stand out in my mind.

First: Boy, it gets dark out early, and it feels later than it really is. So, tonally, I wanted songs ideal for nighttime listen, whether it’s just after the 5pm sunset, or midnight, or 3:30am.
Second: Gee, I have a whole year ahead of me, and I can do everything I didn’t do last year, because it’s all in front of me, and the world is at my fingertips. So, thematically, I wanted songs reflecting the uncertainty of setting goals, accepting changes, and challenging yourself to actually get the things you didn’t last year.
Third: Golly, it’s too cold, and everybody wants to stay inside, and I am lonely. So, contextually, I wanted to pick songs that are lonely.
With that in mind, the RjD2 remix of “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” is an odd choice to kick this one off, because it’s very much a party song, for party atmospheres, for party people. It’s more about the title and the sentiment of how crazy love makes us tolerate all the things above. It’s a sentiment that I think carries through most of these songs.
Oh, and “Green Onions” is on here because it’s badass.
Thanks, Hanna!