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Hannah (with an h at the end) has been my best friend and neighbor for about 15 years now! She’s an amazing jazz vocalist and as such I thought she might be able to provide an alternate view of of this time of year when the same songs play over and over and over again. Now that it’s after christmas, even though there’s no snow, the real winter begins.

From Hannah:

This is a strange playlist, for a strange time of year. With its short days, grey skies, and dreadfully cold toilet seats, winter is harsh and unforgiving. It also, however, brings a quiet calm, stunningly beautiful snow-scapes, and plentiful opportunity to celebrate and be physically close with friends and family. Even if the weather does get us down, as the months drag on and our vitamin D levels sink to dangerous lows, winter gives comfort to our sadness, the snow like a warm blanket you can curl up in and just. be. sad. It feels OK to be sad in the winter, feels poignant and appropriate.

I picked songs that bring falling snow to life, songs for curling up in front of fires, and songs that, hopefully, fortify your spirits as you’re waiting for your damn car to warm up in the morning. Winter is a time between death and rebirth, when we draw ourselves inwards and hunker down to wait for spring. In the meantime, if we’re lucky, there are loved ones to cuddle with, good books to read, and lots of pie to eat.