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A hip hop and pop playlist for the holiday from my very own sister! Well… one of them.

Like herding actual cats, it only took me the majority of this month to corner my sister Kat into writing this description for her thankfulness-themed seasonal playlist. (Bossy older sister moment, not rare for me.) Yogi, vegetarian, avid hiker and bio/botany enthusiast, Kat is far and away the most gracious, positive, and real take-no-bullshit person I know. She’s been inspiring me to seize the day since she was an intrepid little toddler… well, when she wasn’t totally wrecking my Harry Potter Lego castle. Yeah, sorry Kat, still haven’t let that go. For this high holiday of pie and family there was only one person I could rely on to produce an apropos playlist, and (of course) she didn’t disappoint.

Take it away, sister Kat:

I made this playlist for two reasons. 1. Because a specific piebrarian asked me to and 2. because ’tis the season to be thankful! I like to think that being thankful is a lot of different emotions rolled up into one action. In order to be truly thankful for the wonderful things in our lives we have to celebrate the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful. I chose these songs because they represent family, friends, and self love. All great things that are worth being thankful for this holiday season. So there you go. Now stick this playlist on repeat and let your new found thankfulness for J-Biebs blossom into a full on love affair. Happy Thanksgiving.
– Kat