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The Piebrarian’s Practical Magic Mix, a witchy autumnal playlist to get you into the October spirit!

As you might have guessed from August’s Red Magic Pie I’m a big fan of practical magic, not just the book/movie, but the concept as well. Crystals and spells I could probably take or leave, to be quite honest, but I like the simple magic of the everyday. The heat of a warm bath and a glass of wine when I’m sore, the effect of a soft blanket when I’m tired, the peace of my twenty minute yoga ritual in the mornings, or the power of a perfect cup of tea to unlace all my anxiety. The magic of butter and water and flour when I can intuit how good that crust will be by its texture. With a little investment of willpower and thought, it is possible to drastically change your own little world almost instantaneously.

The music on this playlist is a bit folksy – sometimes raucous and fun, sometimes quiet and pensive – good for dancing in the moonlight on a dark night or quietly sipping hot coffee on a brisk morning and listening to the bright autumn leaves rustling in the wind.

Happy season of the witch, everyone!