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The Piebrarian’s August Burn Playlist

I’m an August baby. My birthdays as a kid were always heralded by a chorus of cicadas and the thick, heavy smell of summer greenery sweating in the sun. Then, when you thought you would go crazy or blind, it would rain. The big, fat, warm drops and thunder of a summer storm. Fire and lightning, baby.

This month my gift to you is a playlist that you can melt to. It’s a combination of kickass female vocalists and rock and roll, kicked off with the song I aspire to have as my theme song: She’s Long Gone, by The Black Keys (fellow Ohio natives). This is the mix I listen to when I look super hot and feel like I could probably fight someone if necessary. Listen to it while stalking city streets, grilling at the beach, or laying out by the pool.

Happy August, e’erybody.