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Rum & Rococo for the Piebrary!

If David Bowie, Yoko Ono, and Bjork had brunch together my friend Emma would probably be their fourth. We were roommates attached at the hip while studying abroad in London three years ago, now she and her sister, Honor, run the blog Rum & Rococo, where they comment on art, aesthetics, and make some killer playlists.

Emma’s July playlist is based on childhood pie memories!

“In all honesty, I’m more of a pie consumer than baker. And I’m damn good at it. My inspiration for this month’s playlist is as simple as pie, really. One of my sweetest childhood memories is of the trips my family used to take to Whidbey Island, purely, for the sake of their famous pies. It was a three hour plus pilgrimage for pie and every time we took this journey, we would wonder if it was going to be worth it. We would sit in their small, unassuming dining room with anticipation but, the second we tasted the pie, we would remember how much that trip was worth it. I hope this playlist wraps you in the same buttery happiness in which these trips used to envelop me. Pure, simple contentment, with maybe a dance song or two.”