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Honeyed May Playlist by DA Haley

Happy May Day! This is an exciting month for everyone’s favorite Piebrarian as she moves into a new place, where the Piebrary has a real and official home! While she’s busy nesting and unpacking boxes, the world is coming to life outside. The parks are all flowers and sunshine, at least on the lucky days. If you’re looking for some soft and sunshine-y vibes, enjoy some tunes from these dulcet songsters. And if the honeyed voices aren’t sweet enough for you, that means you need some pie to go with it. (No matter what your baking level is, Hanna’s got you covered with a crust tutorial for pie beginners.) With all our favorite produce coming into season, there’s months ahead of pie ahead of you! And stay tuned for more pie and literature playlists, on our Spotify.

Illustration also by Haley Houseman!