Crust: Weaving The Basic Lattice

IMG_0912 It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that basket weaving wasn’t a part of everyone’s elementary school curriculum. I’m completely serious. It wasn’t until college that I was disillusioned of the naive idea that at some point in third grade everyone in America learned how to weave the cylindrical basket typically used by the Shakers or a basket of colorful reeds like those of the Iroquois or other native tribes of the Great Lakes basin. Obviously you would learn the traditions of whatever Native American Nation or cult-like religious congregation was predominant in the history of your area, but you learned them, dammit.

So that’s why I find it difficult to describe how to weave a lattice crust with words alone, because I want to say, “you weave over and under, like a basket,” with the assumption that everyone has this frame of reference. But that is, apparently, not the case. With that in mind, my second crust tutorial is a series of pictures meant to demonstrate how to weave a basic lattice crust (with some small commentary beneath). IMG_0872

IMG_0874 Notice on the how the strip running vertically goes over the upper strip and under the lower horizontal ones. Over and under, like a basket.


IMG_0877Under over under, see?

IMG_0878 Lift the middle strip, this allows the next vertical strip to follow the opposite pattern: over under over.


IMG_0883 BOOM, there you go.

IMG_0887 Repeat lifting of strips and weaving in opposite directions.



IMG_0904 Fill in the gaps with strips, always weaving, up to the edge of the pie.

IMG_0912Roll the edge over and crimp.

(Photo credit goes to Marnie Zoldessy!)


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